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CORDYCEPS militaris Fruiting Body Powder

Cordyceps militaris is a species of edible fungus that belongs to the medicinal mushroom family and that many consider to be an “exotic” natural healer. This species has long been celebrated for its many health applications such as reducing fatigue and stress, improving exercise performance, and enhancing immune function.

Promising results have been found when testing Cordyceps militaris for its role in improving and supporting:

  • oxygen threshold
  • physical stamina
  • anti-aging activity


Natural Cordyceps militaris fruiting body is made from 100% authentic natural Cordyceps militaris fruiting body. Studies show that the fruiting body of this fungus has higher concentrations and superior quality of beneficial properties inside. (Source91)

A fruiting body of Cordyceps militaris is a rare find in the wild, because it must grow in precise conditions to flourish and develop beneficial properties. Amazing Grace provides the optimal growing conditions for Cordyceps militaris fruiting body to thrive at our state of the art cultivation facilities.

Makes a perfect healthy drink and stock for cooking.

Size: 40 grams