Phellinus For Life

Lemeshimakobu Instant Coffee Mix 4 in 1

This 4-in-1 mix of pure aromatic Thai highlands coffee with extracts of natural Phellinus linteus fruiting body is a delicious way for coffee lovers to introduce the health benefits of Sang Hwang into their daily ritual.

Meshima coffee 4 in 1 mix is made with natural Sang Hwang fruiting body carefully blended with the famous Khao Song mountain coffee creating a new kind of drink that you can enjoy at any time of day. The Khao Song mountain coffee is produced using modern extraction technology to ensure the best possible integrity of the coffee bean's natural flavour.

Our special time-tested recipe means this healthy drink is equally enjoyable either as hot or iced coffee and at any time of day.

Size: 20 Sachets / box.